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Become a Certified Packer Managing Fatigue Program Clinician

Certified PMFP Occupational Therapists receive access to all of the training and resources needed to deliver the PMFP to their clients. Along with access to therapist training and multi-lingual intervention materials, Think Self-Management provides clinicians with the opportunity to network with other therapists, stay up to date on the latest research, and attend workshops on the Packer Managing Fatigue Program.


Full Individual License 

New License: $300

Annual Renewal: $150

The Full Individual PMFP license gives you access to all therapist training modules and intervention material in all available languages and delivery formats.

Organizational Licenses

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Think Self-Management also provides corporate licenses to organizations, both non-profit and for-profit, looking to train their occupational therapists in the PMFP. For more information on corporate licenses, please contact our office at

Research License

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Think Self-Management can provide research licenses for those looking to conduct research using the Packer Managing Fatigue Program. For more information on research licenses, please contact our office at

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